D. Visser & Zonen BV Holland

Family business with a passion for flowers

For years, the name of the flower exporter, D. Visser en Zonen (DVZ), has stood for the wholesale trade of high-quality products with a personal customer approach. Our family business, run out of a modern building in Aalsmeer, has a dedicated 2,500m2 climate-controlled work space. There, more than 20 workers package our flowers and plants every day so they are ready for export to more than 15 countries across the world.

Nearly 150 years of experience in the export business
Our history dates back to 1875. Originally, we traded in vegetables. Years ago, we began to specialise in exporting exclusive cut flowers and pot plants. In 2000 we celebrated our 125th aniversary. Our customers, therefore, can rely on nearly 150 years experience in the dynamic world of export. Short lines, fast delivery times and quality products have always been our priority.

Personal customer approach
Because of our wide variety of clients, we have experience with many types of exclusive cut flowers and plants. The client’s wishes are always uppermost, as every region has its own preferences in flowers and plants. By listening carefully to our clients we can deliver products fine-tuned to their particular needs: the best quality products at competitive prices. Our staff, of course, offers the highest possible level of service.

4flowers: investing in the future together 
DVZ is a forward-looking company. In 2001, we built new premises with a total area of 13,000 m2, work under the umbrella organisation: 4Flowers in Aalsmeer. Being in this partnership offers lots of efficiency benefits, particularly our joint investment placing climate-control systems on the work floor which has enabled us to make substantial improvements to quality and refine our products even more.

Proactive and professional
Expansion runs like a red thread through the history of DVZ. Company growth is still important in our business strategy. We want to do this by distinguishing ourselves with:

Using our proactive and professional way of working (link naar Our working method) we are expanding our current markets and exploring new ones.

Our Sales Team is always on hand with advice, information or an order.
Ring + 31 (0) 297 387 313.

Order direct from our webshop
From our webshop, you can buy and order high-quality cut flowers and pot plants, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Ask our Sales Team for a login code.